Aquamarines evoke a very pleasing and calming image in my mind when I think about them. Think about the expanse of a cool, blue ocean and all the beauty associated with it, condensed into a stone. Over the last few years, these stones have grown in popularity. Here’s why we think Aquamarine Engagement Rings are trending today:

1. Pastel Shades

The pastel blue shades that are a signature Aquamarine trait are absolutely beautiful. They’re subtle and go well with whatever you’re wearing. It also helps that pastel tones are back in fashion, and it certainly seems like they’re here to stay for a long long time.

Aquamarine engagement ring

2. Celebrity Weddings

Celebrity rings have definitely put the spotlight on this gorgeous stone. Aquamarines weren’t fairly popular in the 90s and early 21st century. But they’re popularity went through the roof when Justin Timberlake bought a gorgeous ring for his wife Jessica Biel back in 2011. The stunning ring featured diamonds as well as Aquamarines, a great combination. The royal family has had its tryst with Aquamarines too, with Meghan Markle flaunting an Aquamarine Ring a few years ago.

Sophia Aquamarine Engagement Ring with diamonds

3. Tastes Evolved

A lot of the jewellery trends we see across the world today had their origins in Europe. Aquamarines were extremely popular in Europe and still are today. As tastes changed across the world, we seemed to have borrowed some of the European love for subtlety.

4. Larger Stones

It helps that these stones are easily available in larger sizes. In fact, the colour really shines through in the larger sizes. It’s more evenly distributed too. Larger, more subtle stones strike just the right balance for an engagement ring. More on all of this in our Ultimate Guide to Aquamarine Engagement Rings.

5. They’re easier on the pocket

Well, they really are! As compared to sapphires or diamonds, Aquamarine Rings are easier on the pocket. In fact the typical multiplier for Aquamarine and diamond prices is 3-4x while sapphires are about 2-3x more expensive.

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