Our Flamingo pink Morganite rings are trending right now. They’re a great choice if you’re looking for something a bit subtle and understated - whether that's for daily use, or as an engagement/ anniversary ring. Here’s everything you need to know about Morganite Rings.

The peachy pink cousin of Emerald and Aquamarine, Morganite can be easily defined in two words – Tender and Delicate. It’s not that the stone is delicate, far from it, but it’s the imagery it conjures up when you look at it in person. It’s the perfect petite stone, exuding femininity and gentleness. It’s great for an everyday wear ring, and also as a gift for a special occasion – birthday, anniversary or engagement. We created a mood board to help you take in what this stone entails.

They’re available in a range of colours, from peach to pink. These colours aren’t absolute. Look at it like a spectrum ranging from peach to pink. There are stones at each end of the spectrum, but there are also stones across it. We typically use Pastel Pink shades, because we believe they go hand in hand with the designs we make available to you.

A custom cut Morganite set in a combination of pink and white gold looks absolutely stunning. We’ll sort out all the small details for you, so your ring is gorgeous!

Carmen Morganite engagement ring with wedding band bespoke

Morganites are considered to be a great option for a daily wear ring, owing primarily to their subtle pinkish tones. For someone who wants an ring that’s a bit understated and petite, Morganites Rings are fantastic option. The subtlety in the colours means they won’t be going out of fashion, or look gaudy in a few years time.

The subtle tones also mean the ring won’t conflict with other elements of your look. And the way our rings are designed, they’d look just as gorgeous in a garden party on a spring morning as they would at a formal dinner hosted under some shimmering lights.

Our Flamingo pink Morganite rings are trending right now. They’re a great choice if you’re looking for something a bit subtle and understated.

Morganite - Let’s get technical

Morganites are rated at 8 on the Mohs scale of Hardness. That’s great because they’re ideal for daily use. Obviously, a diamond, with hardness 10 is ideal, but 8 is hard enough too.

The measure for hardness basically tells us how likely a stone is to get scratched. Hardness is determined on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest and least scratch prone. We spoke to Sunil Sethi, our resident Gemologist about what this implies for your jewellery. “Generally, we recommend that you use a stone with hardness 7 or better in you engagement rings. This will make sure they last longer, shine brighter and age more gracefully as time goes on”, said Sunil.

With a hardness of 8, your Morganite ring is unlikely to pick up scratches for years to come. What this means is that your stone will appear like new for many many years.


Why we love this gemstone?

Pastel Pinks

The pastel pink shades give off tender, caring vibes. We love how these stones look with our ring designs.


The transparency of this stone really brings out the colours and brilliance.


Typically, Morganites are easier on your pocket as compared to say, a sapphire or diamond.

Choosing the perfect Morganite for your ring

We put a lot of thought and consideration into the stones we procure to make your jewellery. Buying the perfect stone can be confusing, but we try to do all we can, so you have to make only the more important decisions. We research what’s available in the market and choose the stones that are ideal for your ring. Here’s what we look at while analysing Morganites:

Morganite engagement rings on velvet cloth


Similar to Aquamarine, we do not compromise on the clarity of the stones when working with Morganite. The stones we select are 100% naked eye clean. We think this is by far the most important aspect while searching for the perfect Morganite stone for your engagement or daily wear ring. So what does better clarity mean? It means the look of your piece will not be compromised by large inclusions or imperfections present in the stone. As a transparent, pastel colour stone, this is of utmost importance.


Considering the fact that Morganites are transparent, pastel coloured stones, the cut is also important. The cut dictates how the light plays off the surface of the stone. And as such, a well cut stone implies better, richer, more evenly distributed colour. This is something that we decided while we were working on the designs of our Morganite rings. We do not hesitate to pay extra to our supply chain in order to procure excellently cut Morganite stones.

Morganite engagement rings on velvet cloth


As mentioned previously, Morganites come in a variety of hues ranging from pink to peach. At some point in the design process, after some trial and error, we narrowed down on the colour we thought was best – a pastel pink shade with just a minute, almost imperceptible tinge of peach. After seeing a number of different shades in person, we thought this was the best. It lent the stone a delicate appearance, but the tinge of peach also alluded warmth and compassion.


Every single piece jewellery we design is designed to look cohesive, and that goes for our Morganite Rings too. We made some tough decisions while designing these rings, so that you don’t have to. Every single detail was discussed and debated on, until we were absolutely sure about what we were offering to you. After lots of trial and error, we narrowed down on the colour that suits our designs best. Same for cut and clarity. We want our rings to last a lifetime, and then some more. Our decisions and design choices reflect these realities.

The cut dictates how the light plays off the surface of the stone. And as such, a well cut stone implies better, richer, more evenly distributed colour.

Morganite Engagement Rings - Perfect with some Diamonds

The lighter hues of Morganite mean they go perfectly with some diamond accents. The brilliant white of the diamonds accentuates the colour of the pastel pink Morganites. They lend a certain pop to the pastel colours of the Morganite. All of our Morganite Rings comes with diamond accents that accentuate the design and also differentiate the rings.

Where does the Morganite for your ring come from?

The pieces we use in our jewellery are typically sourced from the Brazil or Africa. These places offer some of the best quality Morganites in the world. While we aren’t particular where the stone is sourced from among these two mines, we always make sure the stone comes with a certificate or assurance of fair trade. Further, we get each and every stone vetted to make sure of its origins. Every piece of Morganite jewellery you buy from us comes with a certificate of authenticity from GIA, IGI or GJEPC.

Is Morganite a rare stone?

It most certainly is. In fact, high quality Morganites, like the one’s used in our rings are extremely sought after. They offer excellent brilliance and colour saturation. Even so, Morganites remain an affordable stone to date. What’s interesting is that prices of good quality Morganites have consistently increased in the last decade or so.

Heat Treatment Upgrades For your Morganite Ring

It’s fairly normal for Morganites to be heat treated. Heat treatment is used to calibrate colour. Raw Morganite is typically only lightly coloured and that too, in zones. The heat treatment alters this to a more evenly spread out pink hue that’s more pleasing to the eye. This treatment is permanent in nature, so you need not worry about the stone getting unsaturated over time. Also be aware that heat treatments do not reduce the value of the stone. This is an industry wide practice so as to present clients with jus the right hues and tones of pink.

They offer excellent brilliance and colour saturation. Even so, Morganites remain an affordable stone to date. What’s interesting is that prices of good quality Morganites have consistently increased in the last decade or so.

Caring for Your Morganite Ring

We’d recommend you care for this piece like you would any other piece of jewellery. Take it off before you enter the shower, or go for a swim. Also, keep it away from chemicals and oils. Like any transparent stone, Morganites may display oiliness over a period of time. This may dim the sparkle of the stone too. But worry not, it’s easy to get rid of the layer of oil on your stone. Simply use a soft tooth brush and some soap water to clean your ring.

Morganite Rings - Which Shape?

The stunning transparency of a Morganite stone makes them look particularly enchanting in a number of different shapes. Our favourite is an Emerald cut Morganite, with art deco look complementing the pastel pink shades we have to offer. This, and other fancy cuts can be ordered as a part of our Made To Order Collection.

For our Ready to Order collection, we offer Morganite Rings in Round and Oval cuts, at the moment. These are classics, and look fabulous when accented with diamonds, as all our pieces are.

Simple, elegant and understated, choose from our Morganite collection today!

Emma Morganite engagement rings

Morganite size for your Ring

We typically make Morganites available in our Ready to Order and One of A Kind ring collections. It’s important to note that we do not recommend using Morganite sizes less than 5mm in diameter. Morganite stones are more colour dense when larger. It is very difficult to find small sizes with saturated, evenly spread colour: most stones below 5mm diameter typically display paler colours that are not suitable for centre stones.

Which gold colour to choose for your Morganite Engagement Ring?

“I personally prefer our pastel pink Morganites with solid 18KT rose gold. The colours look stunning, and colour of the gold accentuates the beauty of the stone.”, says Akshay Sethi, our Founder.

White gold is a popular choice too, if slightly more traditional.

Where Can I Buy Stunning Morganite Rings?

Mogranite Rings are part of our Made To Order and Ready To Wear collections. The Ready to Wear collection consists of exquisitely designed statement rings which include round and oval shape Morganites.

We also offer a bespoke service, in case you’d like a customised ring. This ring can be made to your specification, and includes different shapes and cuts too.

Morganite Nerd Facts

We love some nerdy facts, and there’s a reason behind it. Gemstones are a work of art, but the science behind them is equally important. For example, while Morganite and Emerald are essentially from the same mineral family, they exhibit different colours. That’s because Morganites contain trace amounts of manganese. These iron molecules play with the light at a molecular level, to create the appearance of a pastel pink stone. It’s fascinating how these things work. Here are some more details for your reference:

  • Mineral Family: Beryl
  • Chemical Name: Be3Al2Si6O18
  • Refractive index: 1.583 to 1.590
  • Specific gravity: 2.80 to 2.91
  • Mohs Hardness: 8.0
  • Birthstone: October/ November

Morganite Ring - FAQs

Morganite is a gemstone from the Beryl family – same family as Emeralds and Aquamarines. Morganites are available in a range of tones ranging from blush pink to peach. Morganites are an extremely rare stone, and are perfect for use in an Engagement Ring. or in a ring meant for daily use. It’s also perfect as an anniversary or birthday gift.

Morganites come in tones ranging from pink to peach. Our favourite is a blush, pastel pink colour that looks absolutely stunning when used in an engagement ring.

Morganite is rated 8.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness

Yes. Gemstones with hardness 7 or more are suitable for everyday use. Since the hardness of Aquamarine is 8, it can be used everyday.

Yes. Morganites are a fabulous choice for an elegant looking, exclusive engagement ring should you prefer something different.

We don’t look at Morganites as a diamond replacement. They both bring something different to the table, as far as engagement rings are concerned. Morganites are rarer than diamonds are, but less expensive (at least at the moment).

We’d suggest you don’t expose it to harsh chemicals, swimming pools, oils and other chemicals. We’d also recommend taking it off before taking a bath.

We love how Morganites look in a rose gold setting. The pink from the gold looks stunning with the blush pink of the stone. It complements the stone very well. White gold is also a stunning option to use while making your Morganite Engagement Ring.