The diamond 4Cs are the holy grail of your diamond engagement ring. An excellent quality diamond can completely change the look of your diamond engagement ring. So it’s worth investing sometime to research the Diamond 4Cs. Today we’ll delve into the carat size of your diamond engagement ring.

We’ll also take you through our recommendations for carat size, and show you how we approach carat size during the design phase of our jewellery. To read about other Diamond 4Cs that affect quality, checkout this article.

Diamond 4Cs - Carats - Get a stone above 0.5ct for a solitaire

Diamond Carat - Why It’s Important

Carat is a unit of weight, as mentioned in Our Ultimate Guide to Diamond Rings.

1 cart = 0.2 grams

So a 1 carat diamond quite literally weighs 0.2 grams. Carat is often confused to be an indicator of size. This isn’t necessarily true. Weight and size are more or less correlated, but the relation can be weak at times. Based on the way the diamond has been cut, the size can vary by unto 15% for the same carat weight.

Diamond engagement ring designs for you

We design our rings by the size of the diamond, not the carat weight. This is to make sure the proportions look just right. And then we go find a well cut diamond that completes the look.

Heavier/ bigger diamonds are also more expensive. In fact, as carat weight increases, diamond prices go up exponentially.

That’s why the carat weight is important.

Chandelier Diamond Engagement Solitaire Ring

Carat Grading

Unlike cut, clarity and colour, carat weight doesn’t have a grade associated with it. It’s just… the weight, mentioned in carats.

Every single piece of jewellery you purchase from us comes with a certificate of quality that very clearly mentions the carat weight of your diamond. Further, every product page has a minimum weight mentioned for that particular product. If you order said product, the weight of the diamond will be equal to or greater than the quoted weight.

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