For decades now, diamond engagement rings have ruled the roast as far as engagement rings go. They are the norm, and not without reason. Diamonds are the king of gemstones. There’s little else that has the brilliance and lustre and beauty of a well-cut, clear, white diamond. Not to mention, they’re also “A woman’s best friend” (marketing message most likely coined by a man).

We love our diamond engagement rings. But the world of gemstones is large, and there are other options worth considering too. Some of these are kinder on your wallet, some of them not so much, but each of them brings something different to the table. If diamonds are mainstream, these alternatives are unique and stunning in their own right.

Here are 5 diamond engagement ring alternatives worth considering:

Raw Teal Sapphire to finished - colours

1. Teal Sapphire Engagement Rings

At The Peacock, Teal Sapphires engagement rings are a staff favourite. The breath and depth of colours these stones offer is unparalleled. From Peacock Blue to Teal to Sea Foam Green, each colour is spectacular and gives a stunning look to your jewellery. Heads will turn, and the gaze will be on you, for sure!

Teal Sapphires are rare too, with only a small percentage of all sapphires in the world being of this colour variety. All of our teal sapphire engagement rings contain sapphires sourced from Madagascar, Srilanka, Australia or the United States. We verify the origin of these stones, and make sure they come from ethical sources. Each Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring also comes with a certificate issued by GIA or IGI.

If you’re looking for a vibrant, mesmerising alternative to a Diamond Engagement Ring, Teal Sapphires Rings are an excellent option.

Carmen Morganite engagement ring with wedding band bespoke

2. Morganite Engagement Rings

We can not get over the blush pink hues of our morganite engagement rings. There’s a certain subtleness and petiteness that they exude, that is very rare and charming. Morganites are available in a range of hues – from pink to peach, but we think our colours hit the sweet spot. Each of the pieces is elegant and delicate, but also makes a statement all on its own.

Morganites are extremely rare too, much rarer than diamonds, but they haven’t yet gained the same popularity that diamonds have, and are consequently a bit kinder to the pocket as well. Set alongside some diamond accent, we’d pick our Morganite engagement rings any day.

All our Morganites are sourced from ethical sources. Each Morganite Engagement Ring comes with a certificate issued by GIA or IGI.

If you’re looking for an understated, delicate looking alternative to a Diamond Engagement Ring, our Flamingo Pink Morganite Engagement Rings are an excellent option.

Oval blue sapphire ring kept in velvet box

3. Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Our Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings are exquisite in every aspect. A lot of thought goes into picking each stone that goes into our rings, and blue sapphires are no exception. We use they highest quality Ceylon Blue Sapphires in a deep indigo shade. These are some of the best, and rarest sapphires found across the world. Further, each stone that goes into our Blue Sapphire Engagement rings is hand picked so the colour tone, clarity and cut are spot on.

Regardless of whether you choose between yellow, rose or white gold, and our blue sapphire engagement rings look stunning. The stones are picked so they look great whether you wear them indoors or outdoors. This is particularly important when picking blue sapphires – Darker tones fade to black when worn indoors. While lighter tones appear pale when worn outdoors.

All our Blue Sapphires are sourced from ethical sources. Each of our Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings also comes with a certificate issued by GIA or IGI.

If you’re looking for an exotic, royal blue alternative to a Diamond Engagement Ring, our Ceylon Blue Sapphire Rings are a fantastic option.

Pink sapphire in white gold

4. Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

Our Rose Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings are designed to perfection. Each stone is chosen by hand and inspected under a microscope to make sure it lives up to our high standards of colour, cut and clarity. Pink sapphires hues range from pale pink to Dense, vivid pink. Our rose pink sapphires look perfect indoors and outdoors, and offer a lustre that’s absent in the extremes of colour.

The Rose Pink Sapphires we use are sourced from Madagascar, Srilanka, Australia or the United States. Each one of our Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings comes with a certificate of authenticity issued by GIA or IGI.

Aquamarine engagement ring

5. Aquamarine Engagement Rings

A cool summer afternoon on a mediterranean beach. Our pastel blue Aquamarine Engagement Rings feature colour tones from the clear blue sea, captured for your finger. Aquamarines exude a certain sense of calm. I can almost hear the ocean, waves gently hugging the shore. Sigh.

Aquamarines Engagement Rings are a fabulous option if you’re looking for something a bit subtle and understated. They’re crystal clear stones, with a pastel blue tone. As usual, all our stones are selected with extreme care, and are of the highest quality.

Further, every Aquamarine Engagement Ring comes with a certificate of authenticity issued by IGI and GIA.

Yellow sapphire engagement rings with wedding bands

6. Made To Order

Our Made To Order Collection consists of an endless variety of stones you can use as a substitute fir a diamond. Some extremely exclusive, one of a kind stones that would make the most unique engagement rings. Get in touch with us, and we’d be happy to guide you through your entire Engagement Ring buying journey.

At The Peacock, we have a range of Engagement Rings and Stacking Bands to suit all budgets. You can visit our store and choose something beautiful, no matter what your budget. We’re adding new designs to our collection frequently too, and you can always request a custom, bespoke design if you so wish.

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