The quality of a diamond is determined by the 4C’s. An excellent quality diamond can work wonders for your engagement ring. But the 4C’s can be complicated. There’s a lot of information to take in. Fortunately, we’ve done a lot of research on ever aspect of the 4C’s, and today we’ll the cut of the diamonds that make up your Diamond Engagement Ring.

We’ll also take you through our recommendations for cut. So you know how we approach it, and on what basis we’ve made those recommendations. So let’s begin:

Diamond 4Cs - Cut

Diamond Cut - Why It’s Important

The cut of the diamond is quite literally the only aspect of the 4C’s that’s in our control. The quality of cut is defined by how well the diamond cutter has cut the diamond. It takes into account the proportions of the diamonds, the symmetry, the polish as well as the alignment of the facets. It’s all basic geometry in the end. The closer a diamond is to perfect cut, the more lustre it shows, the more it shines.

That’s why the cut is extremely important. Important enough for the GIA to define it as the WOW factor!

Diamond Cut Grades

The GIA grades cut from Excellent to Poor. At The Peacock, we’re very particular about cut. It’s a make or break as far as we’re concerned. And so, we made a conscious decision to pay extra to our supply chain to procure well cut diamonds.

We only use stones graded Excellent and Very Good. Any lower than that, and we classify the stone as rejected as per our quality standards.

At The Peacock, we put a lot of thought into each of the diamonds we use to make your Diamond Engagement Rings. The Diamond 4Cs are important, but there’s so much more, as described in our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Diamond Solitaire Ring. Every diamond is hand picked, and assessed by modern machines, as well as by our resident gemologist. So you can rest assured, knowing each piece of jewellery you buy from us is verified for quality.

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