Oval Diamond Engagement Rings are trending right now. They’re obviously less conventional than a round diamond, but there’s a lot more to them. Here’s why we think an oval diamond engagement ring should be your ring of choice:

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

1. They are old school

There’s something about the proportions of an oval diamond engagement ring that make it look more vintage than one with a round diamond. There’s a sense of symmetry, but also a sense of wonder in the shape. They conjure up images of oval shaped victorian mirrors with ornate brass frames. Or an old teak dressing table fashioned as an oval. Such a classic! If your partner prefers something classic, it’s the way to go!

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

2. They stand out from the crowd

A round diamond engagement ring is the norm. They’re fairly common. So an oval really stand out. It’s amazing how it’s such a subtle difference, a slightly elongated circle. But it makes all the difference in terms of appearance. The oval is an alluring shape!

Oval diamond solitaire ring

3. The proportions of an Oval Diamond are pleasing

Most of our oval diamond engagement rings feature diamonds that are 2:3 or 3:4 in terms of ratio of width to length. They’re cut just so, in order to be close to the golden ratio. A ratio the human eye finds inherently pleasing.

Sophia Diamond Engagement RIng with stackable rings

4. They complement your finger

The slender design of the oval diamond engagement ring, and the diamond itself, complements your fingers, making them appear thinner and longer.

Oval diamond ring solitaire simple design

5. They’re easier on the pocket

Similarly sized oval diamonds typically tend to be more affordable than their round counterparts. This is purely a result of supply and demand. In general, larger diamonds could be kinder on the wallet than smaller diamonds.

Oval diamond ring

6. They appear to be larger than round diamonds

Even though they have a lower face up surface area, the oval shape creates a perception of space, and makes the oval diamonds look bigger than their round counterparts.

The best designed Diamond ring

7. Champagne colours look stunning

A champagne coloured oval diamond looks absolutely stunning. For some reason, the added colour just looks right in this shape. Imagine a solid rose gold 18KT ring kitted with a brownish pink champagne gold diamond. Perfect! And we can make such a ring for you under our Made To Order Collection. Read more about diamonds, and champagne diamonds in our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Solitaire Diamond Ring.

At The Peacock, we have a range of Oval Diamond Engagement Rings and Stacking Bands to suit all budgets. We also feature Oval shapes in other gemstones – Sapphires, Aquamarines and morganites to name a few. We’re always adding new designs to our collection, and you can also request a custom, bespoke design if you so wish.

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