The diamond 4Cs can be fairly confusing. But if you’re making a significant purchase like an engagement ring, it’s important to know what you’re buying into.

In this article, we’ll run you through our recommendations on the 4Cs of diamonds. We’ll also explain why we made these choices.

Diamond 4Cs - Clarity grades IF VVS VS SI I1

1. Clarity - Choose VS2

Clarity refers to natural impurities found in the diamond. We use VS2 quality diamonds in all our jewellery and engagement rings. Qualities below VS2 risk having impurities that are visible to the naked eye, and hence we do not recommend them. Qualities above VS2 are better, but the difference is imperceptible to the naked eye. For our discerning customers, we do offer VVS1 upgrades as an option on all our Made To Order Diamond Engagement Rings.

Diamond Colour - Diamond 4Cs - DEFGH is acceptable

2. Colour - Choose H or Better

We like our diamonds to be white. Colour becomes apparent in diamonds graded I or below. hence, we recommend using colour H and above in all engagement rings.

Diamond 4Cs - Cut

3. Cut - Very Good or Excellent

Cut is by far the most important factor in determining the lustre and magnificence of the diamond. It’s also the only factor that can be controlled by humans. Do not confuse cut with shape. They are very different. Cut refers to the proportions of the diamond and how accurate they are to the ideal cut – which allows for total internal reflection – the phenomenon that gives the diamond its brilliance. We are very particular about cut, and recommend using only diamonds with Very Good or Excellent Cut.

Diamond 4Cs - Carats - Get a stone above 0.5ct for a solitaire

4. Carat - 0.50 carats or bigger

Carat refers to the weight/ size of the diamond. For solitaire rings, we recommend using stones that are at least 5mm in diameter. This roughly translates to 0.50 carats in terms of weight. An engagement ring looks better proportioned in sizes bigger than 5mm or 0.50 carats. Beyond that, the size of the diamond should be decided by your budget.

For clustre rings, you may also use centre stones which are 0.30 carats or bigger.

Diamond fluorescence - Diamond 4Cs

5. Fluorescence - Medium or Better

Fluorescence makes absolutely no difference to the look of the diamond in normal lighting conditions. Hence, we aren’t as particular about this factor, and recommend using a diamond with None, Slight or Medium Fluorescence. For the most comprehensive read on how to choose the right Diamond Solitaire Ring, read our Ultimate Buying Guide for Diamond Rings.

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