A Sapphire ring is a fantastic option if you're look for an engagement ring. Sapphires are rare, vibrant and come in a range of mind-blowing colours. Tick all the boxes in our opinion. If you're still in doubt, here are 5 reasons why you should choose a Sapphire Engagement Ring.

Pink sapphire in white gold

1. The colours are vivid

Sapphires are available in brilliant, vibrant colours ranging from Rose pink to Peacock Blues, and virtually every colour of the rainbow. Not only are the colours varying, so are the hues. Light, pastel shades to deep, intense ones. Read about different sapphire colours in our Ultimate Guide to Sapphire Rings.

Yellow sapphire ring in white gold

2. They are rare

Our teal sapphires, peacock blue sapphires and sea foam sapphires are all part of the Made To Order collection, and for good reason. Our signature stones are extremely rare, and beautiful too. But there are many more reasons to like them. Some of the larger Ceylon Blue sapphires are gorgeous too. Unheated varieties are extremely rare.

Blue sapphire ring with pear diamonds

3. They are royal

Sapphire’s conjure imagery of royalty like few other stones. There’s a reason why Kate Middleton’s engagement ring features a sapphire. Sapphire’s are from the earth’s treasure chest. It does not get more royal than that. Along with Emeralds, rubies and diamonds, they are some of the rarest, most beautiful pieces of gemstones that could grace your engagement ring.

Yellow sapphire ring kept in box top view

4. They’re perfect for an occasion, or not!

The colours of our sapphires have been carefully selected, so they’re perfect for an occasion, a wedding (checkout one of our favourite planners), a party. But they’re also perfect for a garden party. Bring on the margaritas and gin and tonics.

Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring - Sophia

5. Hard enough for daily use

Rated at 9 on the hardness scale, Sapphires are amongst the most durable stones we know of. This means your sapphire engagement ring will sparkle like new for years to come.

If you’d like to start exploring engagement ring designs, our shop is a great place to do that. We have a range of Engagement Rings featuring diamonds as well as other gemstones – Morganites, Aquamarines, Sapphire to name a few. You can also request for a custom, bespoke design should you so wish.

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