You've figured out which ring you want, narrowed down on your ideal design, and you're all ready to place your order. But what's the ring size you choose during checkout? We've got you covered!

The problem with ring sizes are that they are not universal. Each country, each region, each jeweller has their own peculiarities. In such a scenario, it can be a challenge to find the size that suits you best. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with 2 ways to measure your ring size.

FRee ring sizer

Order your free ring sizer right away!

Visit the ring sizer link, and fill in your details. We’ll ship a free ring sizer to you right away. You should receive it in the next 2-3 days! This is the easiest and most accurate way to measure your ring size, and we’re here to help you via WhatsApp video call, if you need help.

*For clients based in India, we will courier a ring sizer to you. For clients based internationally, we’ll email you the ring size guide, and walk you through the ring sizing process.

Ring size close up

Method 1: Use an existing ring, and our sizing circles

The aim here is to measure the internal dimensions (diameter) of the ring. To do this, simply place your ring on top of a circle. The circle needs to fit inside the ring perfectly, without any gaps.

The black edges of the circle need to coincide with the ring. The number where they coincide is the right ring size for you.

Here is a video we made to help you measure your ring size correctly.

Method 2: Use our free wrap around ring sizer

Put the pointed end of the wrap around ring sizer through the slot. Insert your finger into the loop created, and then tighten the loop around your finger.

Make sure you tighten the ring sizer so it is wrapped around your finger without any gaps.

The ring size will be display next to the arrow.

Here is a video we made that’ll help you how to measure your ring size.

Once you’ve figured out what your ring size is, feel free to place your order online. Our experts will make sure you find the right fit.

Please also keep in mind that we offer one free ring resizing after you’ve received delivery of your ring. So just in case something doesn’t feel right, we’ll ship your ring back, and resize it for you.


Still have questions?

If you still have questions about ring sizing, or if you’d like to order a free ring sizer, write to us via WhatsApp, email or call us. We’ll get your ring sizer delivered right away!

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