A diamond engagement ring is an important purchase. Most people will buy only 1 during their lifetime. There aren’t too many things that hold that status - A once in a lifetime purchase. But this thought means there’s a lot of pressure associated with buying the engagement ring. You must get it right!

What adds to the confusion are the myths and misinformation doing the rounds. And few other myths come close to the one about “Spending 3 months’ income on your Engagement Ring”. So where did this thought come from?

What you spend on your engagement ring is up to you, and your partner. Choose wisely.

Carmen Morganite engagement ring with wedding band bespoke

Well, it comes from an ad that De Beer’s ran a few decades ago. The ad featured a certain Mrs. Smith who would be impressed if her man spent 2 months’ salary on her diamond engagement ring. Over time, this changed to 3 month’s salary. It was widely quoted by jewellers throughout the 1980s, 90s and 2000s. So much so that it eventually became a rule of thumb that is followed by many even today.

They’d look just as gorgeous in a garden party on a spring morning as they would at a formal dinner hosted under some shimmering lights.

This ad was run in the 1980s. Needless to say, things have changed since. We live in a different world. Our expectations from our partner are different too. And luxury has a new meaning – we prefer something simple and understated to something loud and over the top.

So how much should you spend on your ring? Well, this comes down to what you think your budget is. But here are some pointers:

  • Speak to your partner about their expectations
  • Speak to your partner about the kind of ring they would like to wear
  • Maybe invest in a wedding band right now, and look at a wedding ring sometime later

Basically, this is a very personal decision. Most of our clients spend between ₹60,000 (USD 800) to ₹25,00,000 (USD 34000) on their engagement rings. The average is about ₹2,50,000 (USD 3400). What you want to spend depends entirely upon what you want, and what your budget is. Regardless, we would suggest you invest in something that is desirable and beautiful.

Always remember, there’s no point in going into debt to buy the perfect engagement ring.

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Emma Yellow sapphire engagement ring

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