Engagement Ring shopping can be a frustrating experience. The jewellery industry is like a world in its own. There are so many things you need to consider before you buy an engagement ring. But trust us, we’ve got you covered!

Luckily for you, we put in a lot of effort at The Peacock, to reduce the number of decision you need to make about buying your perfect engagement ring. A lot of thought is put into the stones we use, their cut and colour and clarity. Each of our designs is mercilessly fine tuned, right down to the options we offer with respect to gold colour. We do this to make your Engagement Ring Shopping Experience better.

Here are a few more things that might help you along your buying journey:

Morganite engagement rings on velvet cloth

1. Be Open To Different Engagement Ring Designs

There is an endless array of options when you go engagement ring shopping. Spend sometime to see what kind of design language attracts you. At The Peacock, our aim is to make exquisite pieces with an unending focus on great design. A lot of thought goes into finalising every single piece of jewellery we make. We spend hours experimenting with different types of stones, colours, hues, physical dimensions – so on and so forth. We do all this to make sure each piece we create is absolutely perfect. This is our style of working.

We’re excited by the possibility of using some of the rarest, most beautiful stones available on the planet. But other companies work differently. Each design language has something different to offer, and we’d suggest you spend some time understanding what works for you. Do you prefer something vintage, something modern, or a bit more contemporary. Do you like your rings to be chunky, or would you prefer something just a strong, but delicate looking.

Sometime, you might realise you actually love a certain look that you’d discarded earlier. So, keep an open mind about what works for you.

Diamond engagement ring designs for you

2. Give Yourself Enough Time To Decide on An Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a big purchase. If you’re like us, you like to be well informed before you make a purchase decision. Consequently, we suggest taking time to understand your likes and dislikes. Spend some time reading through some of our best articles. There’s a lot of extremely helpful resources, that will help you make the right decision about what you want your engagement ring to look like.

We recommend giving yourself a period 2 months to make the decision. And then 5-6 weeks for the ring to be delivered to you, in case you choose a custom, made to order design. Alternatively, it takes about 1-3 weeks to deliver designs from our ready to wear collection.

Engagement ring designs for you Aquamarine

3. Do some research and then finalise your budget

This might sound a bit anti-intuitive. But hear us out for a minute. Most people are unaware of the economics of the jewellery market. The price of your engagement ring can vary based on the stone you choose – it’s colour, cut, clarity, size. Not to mention the design and finish of the engagement ring. Poorly finished pieces are abundant in the market, and cost significantly lower than well designed and carefully finished pieces.

In such a case, do some research and understand the kind of ring you would like for yourself/ your partner. Get a brief idea of how much such a ring would cost. Look at options across price ranges, and you’ll soon be in position to understand what you can expect to buy at different price ranges. This is where you lock in on a budget, and set your expectation. Thereafter, you look at rings within that budget, and narrow down on what works best for you.

Pink sapphire Emerald cut ring kept in beige box

4. There’s more to your engagement ring than carat weight

Don’t get fixated on the carat weight and size of your stone. There’s a lot more that goes into making a beautiful engagement ring. Larger stones can sometimes look out of place in certain settings. What’s important is that the ring look cohesive.

The price of your ring can also vary based on factors other than carat weight. Clarity, colour and cut play an important part in the way your ring looks too. At The Peacock, we’re extremely particular about cohesiveness and quality. We spend a lot of time fine tuning each of our designs, to look absolutely right with the stones we offer to you, and gold colour options too.

Oval blue sapphire ring kept in velvet bix

5. Talk To Your Partner About The Engagement Ring

This is so important in our opinion. We see a lot of our clients speak to each other about what their expectations are from the engagement ring. We think it helps release the pressure. In fact, it’s a fun activity to partake in before the proposal and wedding. If there’s a stone you have in mind, or a colour, convey those specifics too. If you want the proposal to be a surprise, involve a common friend, or a family member you can confide in. Working on this together can simplify the process a lot.

If you’d like to start exploring engagement ring designs, our shop is a great place to do that. We have a range of Engagement Rings featuring diamonds as well as other gemstones – Morganites, Aquamarines, Sapphire to name a few. You can also request for a custom, bespoke design should you so wish.

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