The quality of a diamond is determined by the 4Cs. An excellent quality diamond can work wonders for your engagement ring. But the 4Cs can be complicated. There’s a lot of information to take in. Fortunately, we’ve done a lot of research on every aspect of the 4Cs, and today we’ll delve into the colour of the diamonds that make up your Diamond Engagement Ring.

We’ll also take you through our recommendations for colour, and why we restrict ourselves to certain colour grades.

Diamond Colour - Diamond 4Cs - DEFGH is acceptable

Diamond Colour - Why It’s Important

Diamonds come in a variety of colours, and some of them are rare, exotic and even highly prized (greens, blues, pinks). But the presence of a yellow tint in your white diamond will reduce the value of the diamond. It’ll also change the look of your diamond engagement ring. In order to make your engagement ring look as intended, we restrict ourselves to certain colour grades.

That’s why the colour is important.

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Diamond Colour Grades

The GIA grades colour from D to Z. Why start at D and ignore the fist three letters of the alphabet? That’s a perfectly reasonable question. Before the GIA standardised colour grading, diamond colour was graded A to C. In order to avoid confusion, it was decided to start from a blank slate. Hence a grade D colour diamond is pure white with no yellow tint.

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As you move from D to Z, the yellow tint increases consistently. At The Peacock, we’re particular about the whiteness of the diamond, Colour becomes apparent to the naked eye in diamonds graded I and beyond. And so, we restrict ourselves to using diamonds graded D to H. These appear white and free from yellowish tints. You can read more about the diamonds we choose in Our Ultimate Guide to Diamond Rings. 

All of our jewellery adheres to these standards. All jewellery featuring a centre stone larger than 0.30 carats also comes with a certificate of quality signed off by GIA or IGI.

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At The Peacock, we have a wide range of engagement rings, adhering to our high standards for colour accuracy. All stones are hand picked, and live up to our high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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