You’ve got your heart set on a Morganite engagement ring. It’s been a tough decision, but you’ve made up your mind, only to be left confused by the next decision you have to make. What kind go Morganite is best? And where do I get it from?

Well, you’re in the right place. We’ve got over 100 years of experience in dealing with gemstones, and we’ll guide you through the process of choosing your ideal Morganite stone to make your perfect engagement ring.

For starters, if you’re looking at buying one of our rings, let us tell you that we’ve done all the research that’s necessary, and chosen the best of what a Morganite Ring has to offer. All you need to do is visit our shop and figure out which design you like most. Or you could always get in touch with us for a custom design request.

But in the event you want to buy your ring from elsewhere, here’s what you should keep in mind to pick the right stone.

Sophia Morganite engagement rings

1. The stone should be crystal clear

Morganites are meant to be naked eye clean. That’s because their raw form is relatively clean. You’d have to be a rookie stone cutter to cut a stone such that it has inclusions in it. So if someone tries to sell you a Morganite that has any impurities in it, probably steer clear of it. All our Morganite Rings come with naked eye clear stones.

Morganite engagement rings Chandelier design with diamonds

2. The colour has to be pastel pink

We stand by our choice of colour. We’ve seen Morganites in a broad spectrum of colours – ranging from pink to peach. Each colour also has varying intensities, going from pale and almost white to denser pink and peaches. After much consideration, we decided to use pastel shades in our jewellery. These shades are subtle and understated. If you’d prefer a denser, more intense colour, you’re probably better off using another stone altogether, which offers better tones – for example a Pink Sapphire.

Morganite engagement rings on velvet cloth

3. The Bigger a Morganite, the better

Morganites are available in larger sizes fairly easily. In fact, larger sizes display better colour accuracy and density. Anything less than 5mm in diameter is an unusual choice for a Morganite engagement ring. We think a 6×8 Oval actually hits the sweet spot, and use it widely with our Morganite ring designs.

Carmen Morganite engagement ring with wedding band bespoke

4. Cut enhances the stone

Examine the stone with your naked eye. Does it look symmetrical and well balanced? Do the facets align perfectly? Is the colour evenly spread out? These are important questions to determine the cut and finish of the stone.

Top Tip: A well cut stone will result in better, fuller colour and a brilliance that suits an engagement ring.

If you’d like to start exploring engagement ring designs, our shop is a great place to do that. We have a range of Engagement Rings featuring diamonds as well as other gemstones – Morganites, Aquamarines, Sapphire to name a few. You can also request for a custom, bespoke design should you so wish.

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