Planning on buying a Morganite Engagement Ring? Here’s what you should know before you invest in a gorgeous pastel pink stone crafted to perfection!

Pink Morganite rings on velvet cloth

1. They’re related to Emeralds

Yes. Morganite’s come from the Beryl mineral family too, just like Emeralds and Aquamarines. The difference being in the colours. Morganites get their pinkish hue from trace amounts of Manganese. On the other hand, Emeralds are green and Aquamarines are blue because of other trace elements.

Sophia Morganite engagement rings

2. Transparent and Clean

Morganites are naked eye clean. Considering they’re pastel coloured, this is absolutely essential. It lends a certain brilliance and transparency to the stone, in the absence of which they would not be as desirable. While choosing the perfect stone for your Morganite engagement ring, we take care of the transparency too.

Emma Morganite engagement rings

3. Morganite Ring - A more understated choice

Morganites are available in a spectrum of colours ranging from pink to peach and in varying degrees of intensity. After much thought, we made a design decision to use pastel pink Morganites in the jewellery we make for you. These stones are subtle, and really bring out the brilliance of the stone.

Carmen Morganite engagement ring with wedding band bespoke

4. Bigger the better

Larger Morganites tend to have better more evenly spread out colour. In its raw form, Morganites are fairly colourless, with colour concentrated in certain zones. Larger stones allow the person crafting the stone to take advantage of these colour zones, to create a more pleasant looking stone. Stones less than 5mm are an unusual choice for Morganite Engagement Rings, and the smaller they go from that point, the lower the colour density and accuracy.

Emma Morganite engagement rings

5. Hard enough for daily use

Rated at 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, Morganites are scratch resistant and well suited for daily use. Your Morganite engagement ring will look like new for years to come.

Emma Morganite engagement rings

6. They look absolutely stunning in rose gold

We personally think the stones look absolutely stunning in Pink Gold. The gold and the stones complement each other and the rose gold really brings out the pastel hues of the Morganite.

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